From Writing to Music IV – Udj-Zen

A lot of time has passed and here I am with another music weirdness. I made three songs so far as a tribute to three characters from a very known game. What’s unique about my newest fourth one is that I made it for one of my own characters. (By “my characters” I mean I create them in form of poetry, usually, for now.)

Whoever knows at least a bit about jinns (or geenies as some call them), should not be much surprised by the Arabic vibe I implanted in it.

The music

My reasons

I posted the previous songs in YouTube, but now I prefer SoundCloud, since I don’t need a video. In time I could try drawing a sketch for this character of mine. Until then, I will be using the best visual representation of him that I could find on the web.

It is still clear that I am still an amateur and I’ve got a lot to learn. Far from being professional and I don’t strive on getting there or at least I don’t think so for now. Just following my intuition a usual. The thing is, I’m always experimenting with virtual instruments and such. I made this track using one hundred percent virtual plugins with along with a midi keyboard I bought not too long time ago. Enjoy.

Final thoughts

Do not worry, folks, I haven’t stopped writing or anything. I just took a time off to work on a bigger project of mine. Surely, I will get back on writing as soon as I can. I just needed to breathe more life to chaos that runs in my head. The music sure helps a lot to achieve this. Also, it is quite fun.

You can read the actual character’s poem that I wrote time ago by clicking HERE

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