World in Ice (Lissandra Tribute)

“This world has forgotten true power.” – Lissandra.


World in Ice

Years gone, but my trail did last;
a rightful throne from an ice-cold past,
time to claim back what I have earned,
Freljord, your queen has returned.

A brute and a piecemaker crossing their paths,
fighting and arguing over the maths
of ruling the land they walk upon,
gather your tribes, ’cause the war is on!

Foolish children, you are incompetent,
your view of the world is false, adolescent,
once upon a time, my beloved sisters,
Averosa, Serylda – now two fading twisters.

You chose wrong, by defying the wisdom,
you are but a burden in my icy kingdom,
Sleep awaits you in a tomb of frost,
eternally, for your cause is lost.

The Watchers are serving,
always observing,
granting me powers,
like blooming of flowers.

My blood is immortal for I am Iceborn,
in eyes of ignorance, I am a high thorn,
I’ll freeze even the hells infernal,
battles come and go; I am eternal.

Bow before me or get wrecked, pwned,
I’ve killed so many queens I’ve lost count,
I’ll tear you apart, slice by slice
and this world will be reborn in ice.


   * * *


An old queen entangled in a fierce war between her tribe and those of her two sisters. Each with an indnividual and unique way of ruling, they forge ahead to the throne of the snowy lands of Freljord. Lissandra is my favourite of the three sisters because she is the oldees, wisest and most fit the rule the kingdom. But that is a personal opinion, after all. There are many facts and hidden unreleased lore about the Freljord and its guardians to put all the puzzel pieces in their rightful place. The Watchers are mystical entities that decended years ago into this kingdom and we know absolutely nothing about them, except the fact that they grant power to those who kneel to them.

Maybe in time the two systers of Lissandra, reincarnated in the champions Ashe and Sejuani will get a spotlight from me, but until then, only Liss will clam my attention.


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