The Undoing (Rhaast Tribute)

In ancient times through the darkin throngs
I came along with the sharpest of tongues.
Now there is five of us forging ahead –
more than enough to conjure your death.

My presence is overwhelming and thrilling,
the wounds I inflict – subject to no healing,
my cry is the echoing path of murder,
reaping life threads, advancing further.

Slicing the courage from my enemies,
I bring you bloodshed and end of peace.
Powerless weaklings, crawling and screaming,
pitiful carnivores, breading no meaning.

Your crumbling fates hurl in my hands,
together with Aatrox and “Demon Pants”,
we are the harbingers of annihilation,
impending doom and end of your nation.

Mortals, your fragile minds
are merely toys for the darkin kinds
and even if you get to behold the ruin,
remember that I am The Undoing!

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Here stands a man who just like to express himself through writing.

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