O Natura


O Natura,
tamquam corde,
aptet vos,
semper florentes
et perficiendo,
respirationem vita,
ante comantem,
et inter amplexus.
et machinis,
et tu præcéssit
in saecula saeculorum.

Et elementals – tontiru
atque princeps,
estis voluntatis
Dei Mater,
tenentem virens folium
sed illi attrahunt,
fascinare te mihi quoque.
Nunc in de ludum
Me producat amplexus pete
sempiterna gloria tua.

Natura est mecum
et evolution
in undantem
e contra telumque coruscat,
semper ad redimendum.
Ergo ad hanc horam,
sine mora,
et glorificaberis
quatuor elementis
quia rerum natura
alit enim patientes estote ones,
omnis crescere me.


O Nature,
like the strings,
you adapt,
always flourishing
and fulfilling,
breathing life,
first blooming,
then embracing.
and machines,
you preceed them
with ages.

The elementals – thunderous
and primal,
you are the will
of the Mother,
who holds the Green Leaf,
yet they attract,
you enchant me, too.
Now in the game
I bring my embrace
to your eternal beauty.

Nature is with me
in health
and evolution,
waving in
and waving out,
always redeeming.
So at this hour,
without delay,
I honor
the four elements,
since Nature
nurtures the patient ones,
everyone grow with me.

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