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[Tips] How to Deal With (My) Multi-language Site

Good evening, folks who have found this site of mine and are browsing in it. I haven’t wrote here for a long time now but I want to make clear something. I haven’t forgotten about it and I will work on some updates sooner or later. I’ll start the new year with my constant urge to wipe out confusions and misunderstandings about its nature. Some tips will give you a glimpse of understanding on how to navigate best with it. And just with mine, but other multi-language sites.

The site’s language bar

This site currently supports two different languages. You can be switch them by hovering over the upper right corner. Clicking on the desired site changes its default language. Now the tricky thing comes when you either do this from the home page or from some post page somewhere on the site.

If you change the language while being on the home page then you will end up in translated home page of my blog.

If you do it while viewing a specific post, you will switch the the other language version of the post. This is because I write in two languages, sometimes in English and sometimes on my mother’s tongue. Thing is, I don’t translate absolutely everything, but just some of the stuff I write. And if you switch the language of a post that I haven’t translated, you will be redirected to the home page of the translated version of the site by default. Simple as that.

Some poems for example just don’t sound good or poetic enough to me to be translated. This is why most of them would stay in their default language.

I hope I’m being helpful and not too hard to understand. Have a wonderful day and I hope to post some good stuff soon.

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