[Character] Master Jinn of The Thousand Hands

When worlds were in state of merging
and black holes stood behind to feed,
in long forgotten age of purging
a hero rose in times of need.

A hybrid form of gas and spirit,
flying through the space-time foam,
marching through the dark to clear it
of the threat that reached his home.

The truest, purest magic essence
swirling in his stormy eyes,
pulsing until darkness lessens
in his crystal home of ice.

Creator and master of sacred seals,
star-powered by his cosmic breed,
azure-skinned, masculine and never kneels,
this mythic colossus knows no defeat.

Legend says he fiercely fought
The Unlit himself in peak of war,
seeing clearly through his plot,
stirring up the abyss core.

Thousand times his arms were cut
and thousand times regenerated.
A final blow was never struck,
a defeat of both – evaded.

And so the tale shows the road,
forged by the king of Diamond Lands,
by those who knew him he was called
Master Jinn of The Thousand Hands.

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