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[Introduction] Hello. Who am I? What is this blog about? What is "Kin of Hearts"?

Who am I?

Hello. I never did any introduction. People who stumbled upon this blog just saw a bunch of poetry posted on it, and that’s all. I am just a man in his twenties who loves to write, expressing his point of view in different and unique way than the one you could call “usual” and I shall continue to do so until the last piece of breath of mine is taken. English is not my main language, so you can see writings in another language other than English here, for which I am sorry. Just browse through my categories and you can list my English only, Bulgarian only, or translated writings which I write and translate myself.

What is this blog about?

Everyone has it’s own tastes and desires. One of my greatest loves in this life is fantasy. So this is the main thing this blog is about. As in, this super awesome book genre where you get to read about sorcerers, magic, mythic creatures, medieval or modern times filled with battles, glory, epicness and of course…darkness. Books are not my only source of inspiration. There are lot of songs, games, movies, animations and people who constantly help me bring greater shape of my tastes. I happen to love rhymes and this is why i started out with poetry, but in truth it is only a sort of preparation for my big project I am working on and EVERY SINGLE piece of writing you see here is originally written by me.

What is “Kin of Hearts”?

Every person on this planet has a little or big “world” in his head. I am no exception and if I had to name it, I’d choose this name. “Kin of Hearts” is a book series on which I work on, although only poetry is posted here, and the fact is, every piece of poetry is somehow connected to this world of mine and will be put into my future books in one way or another. From now on I shall expand my blog, meaning that not only poetry will be posted, but also various kinds of articles, translations, some book reviews and all that keeps my interest and helps my world evolve.


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Here stands a man who just like to express himself through writing.

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