FWTM V – Lhoergur

From Writing to Music V: Lhoergur

As a man who respects originality and creativity, I’d pretty much prefer to create something of my own, rather than cover or tribute of something else. So here it is; a music piece I wrote for one of my own characters, Lhoergur.

It is, by far, my fifth song, and second one for my own character. A music piece created for a specific character must contain essence of his personality. I think I got that right here, for this is my true aim – to breathe life in fictional characters.

What makes me happy is that this creature will be appearing in my very first book. Not just that, but I view his as one of the most interesting personalities. Truth is, I’ve put quite a bit of my own characteristics and inner self in him.

The image I used for the music was randomly found on the internet. If I find the original artist, I will surely credit him for his work. It is the one and only simply image that slighlty resembles what Lhoergur should look like in the physical world. I just lack the drawing skills to create an image of him on my own, sadly.

Without further delay, here you go, folks:

It’s purely electronic, as all my musical work. Piano is usually my main instrument. Also, for the first time, I’ve added some guitars, virtually. I’m far from a professionals, but I dearly enjoy what I do, being writing or music making. It’s all in the specter of creativity, which is my life aim.


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