[Character] Uj'Zen of the Sacred Starlight

Bells of consciousness in motion
stir unwavering emotion,
descending figure, purple haze
justice wrapped in pale face.

Ghastly summons he has heard,
thousand hands he waved and stirred,
up from azure heavens came
darkly shadows here to tame.

Protector of the crumbling rifts,
known to wisdom, strings and wits,
he rushes down, this phantom blurry
onto the battlefield in hurry.

Unknown is he to mortal earthlings,
but aid is needed in their workings,
so he acts as their own shield;
ancient power he does wield.

Sacred Starlight is his core
a shoulder weight and even more –
he carries missions with a pace,
Uj’Zen he was named in space.

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Here stands a man who just like to express himself through writing.

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